He marries for her dowry. She marries to escape a hanging.
Ridley Malvern, Lord Caulfield, desperate for her dowry, agrees to marry a wealthy Scot’s daughter sight unseen. He is unaware his tantalizing bride is running from the law. Despite their sizzling attraction, all Lainie desires is to return to her clan. Attempting to make things right, Caulfield takes his wife back to the Highlands only to discover why her father sought the marriage—Lainie is wanted for murder. For her safekeeping, they must remain in England. Now Ridley needs to win her affections and prove that a wild Highland lass and an English lord, can find a love match, after all.”









Book 3 in Those Magnificent Malverns
Ridley was well aware he was supposed to lift the bride’s
veil for the wedded kiss after the spoken vows, but he’d be
damned if he’d marry her without at least taking a peek.
He lifted the layers of lace from his bride’s face and nearly
rocked back on his heels.
Bloody hell, she’s beautiful!
Searching her lovely face for defects, he found none.
Then, to the extreme discomfiture of the vicar, Ridley
casually scanned the length of her faultless, petite frame.
Bending forward a little, he caught her scent—clean as a
fresh rain and hinting of lavender.
An odd fire coursed through his veins.
And she knew it.
“I now pronounce you man and wife.” The vicar nodded
to Ridley. “You may kiss the bride.”
Ridley brushed his lips against hers. She sucked in a
breath and stiffened, her widened eyes filled with trepidation.
He placed a hand at her waist and turned her until they both
faced the congregation.
Her brother shot to his feet, stepped into the aisle and,
in a voice big enough to shake the timbers, announced, “I’ve
done me duty and seen her wed on me da’s behalf, so I’ll be
taking me leave.”
Like a charging bull, he barreled down the aisle. “She’s
all yers now, Caulfield. And good luck to ye, because ye’ll be
needin’ it.”