I believe in the magic of love. Romance—especially the historical kind, where we are transported to another time, another place—is part of that magic. I believe our feeling nature gives us value. We can become as educated and theoretical as we choose, but without love, the spark within us dies, and the world becomes a harsh, pragmatic place. Life becomes little more than placing one foot in front of the other, seeing how many titles we can accumulate, how much money we can amass, only to end up lost in the vacuous emotional/material matrix of life.

Love, on the other hand, gives us hope. It is sharing, giving, receiving—and exploring. Love is a choice, and it is an enduring quality we give to ourselves.

My characters are unique and often a bit maladjusted (I don’t know anyone who can tell me I’ve done anything the ‘normal’ way). I particularly love strong and vibrant characters who are flawed, but carry with them wit and a sense of humor. Gotta have the humor…it’s another magical quality that adds zest to our lives. And another choice we consciously make.

That said, welcome to my world of romance, where lively characters refuse to dance in the inner circle of society’s safe rules, but instead skirt the edges of propriety, tapping along to the music of their own making. They take risks with their lives, and their hearts. Oh, there may be tears and pain along the way, but in the end, they acquiesce to a life filled with the thrill of love pounding through their veins.


Enjoy this sensual, romantic video, and thank you for stopping by.

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